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Benito Thermal Spa

Salobre (Albacete)GPS: 38.61439895629883, -2.574810028076172

Thanks to the resolve of D. Benito Palacios Marín, in the 19th century, a thermal spring, famous for curing rheumatoid conditions, was converted into the modern complex that it is today. Its location at the foot of the mountains, and the natural setting that surrounds it, together with its treatments, provides for complete relaxation and corporal well-being. Its waters of faint mineralization are declared for public use. 


The waters of the Benito Thermal Spa are faintly mineralized - bicarbonate, calcium, and magnesium, characteristics indicated to treat circulatory, rheumatological, digestive, respiratory, and skin ailments and problems due to stress and fatigue.

It offers thermal, physiotherapeutic, and beauty and health treatments which can be customized according to the preferences and medical needs of each visitor. The active thermal pool focuses on relaxation and recuperation services.


The natural entrance to the Sierra de Alcaraz where the Benito Thermal Spa is located allows for peaceful strolls that facilitate peace of mind and spirit. 

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