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Giraldo Convent Hotel

Cuenca (Cuenca)GPS: 40.079200744628906, -2.1295199394226074

The Giraldo Convent Hotel owes its name to the Giraldo Tower that formed part of the cathedral grounds. It is an impressive emblazoned building from the 17th century, built by the Martínez Kleiser family. In the middle of the previous century, it abandoned its civil function, becoming the Casa Fundacional de la Congregación de las Madres Caeladoras (Foundational House of the Madres Celadores Congregation), and now after an intense, comprehensive renovation, the building displays all its splendor, achieving an evocative atmosphere thanks to the perfect blend of modern decor with surprising architectural elements that were recovered, such as a medieval fountain with its pipes, a cistern, and various handiworks.

Each of its 34 rooms has an individual charm, fusing comfort and new technologies with an exquisite decor.

The place that was formerly the greenhouse is now the setting in which the Hotel offer scuisine of the highest order. This is the El Aljibe restaurant, where we can view an enormous cistern (aljibe in Spanish) discovered during the renovations which, being almost four meters deep and with more than thirty cubic meters of volume capacity, served to store water in medieval times. Luminous, spacious, and exquisitely decorated under an impressive ceiling of exposed wood, the restaurant offers a varied menu of dishes from the region that compete as equals with exquisite recipes of national cuisine developed by Chef Ángel Saiz.

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