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Solán de Cabras Royal Thermal Spa

Beteta (Cuenca)GPS: 40.510398864746094, -2.1278200149536133

Nature, man, and water. Three elements that cannot live separately, and that have a small paradise in the Royal Thermal Spa of Solán de Cabras, whose water source has been occupied for over five hundred years and flows into the bottom of a gorge of the Cuervo River.


Its waters have not experienced any variation since the first analysis ordered by Charles III. They are faintly mineralized, hypnotic, bicarbonated, and calcic-lithinic. The waters are ideal, for drinking as well as bathing, for kidney diseases, rheumatic conditions, and digestive problems.

Their hydrotherapy treatments include all types of baths: normal, ozone, with spring water, with aromatherapy, with air bubbles enriched with ozone or chromotherapy. Full body or zone specific localized massages. Body and facial mud therapy or exfoliation treatments.


The gorges of the Cuervo River, the nearby Laguna del Tobar, and the Serranía de Cuenca Natural Park in general offer routes full of attractions in the middle of nature: incredible landscapes and an exuberant botanical richness to achieve the mental and physical balance to which the spa decidedly contributes. 

Real Balneario Solán de CabrasReal Balneario Solán de Cabrasmas
  • Real Balneario Solán de Cabras
  • Real Balneario Solán de Cabras
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