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Villa de Alarcón Spa

Alarcón (Cuenca)GPS: 39.54650115966797, -2.0852999687194824

Villa de Alarcón was selected as the best hotel in the Cuenca province in 2013. In this marvelous romantic building, we find the Spa of the same name, where you can relax and let yourself be taken care of in an elegant environment. Calm and tranquility here are your best ally. We promise you that mind and body will exit our doors completely renewed.


The Villa de Alarcón’s facilities boast fabulous quality and join new trends with rural architecture. Here, your senses will get carried away trying a circuit of installations - spa, jacuzzis, steam room, showers, and relaxation areas. 

Among its treatments: the “Soap Dream”, a purifying anti-aging ritual; the “Wave Touch” which acts on the nervous system; the “Chakras” energetic massage; the “Kerela” which focuses on the head and face; and the Candle Ritual.


Take advantage of the hotel’s outdoor pool, located on the terrace where you can enjoy splendid views of nature and relax after the services provided by the wellness area. Simply, enjoy. 

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