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CEI Languages, Spanish in Guadalajara

GPS: 40.63119888305664, -3.1621999740600586
CEI Languages, Spanish in Guadalajara

CEI Languages is a Spanish-teaching center with a broad experience and many recognitions, which leverages all the cultural and linguistic potential in Guadalajara province -Castile-La Mancha, Spain- to make easier for the student to learn not only the language but also the culture in which it is spoken.

Their "Español en Piedra Viva" (Spanish in rough-hewn Stone) course improves the Spanish language knowledge for professionals belonging to the restoration world of historical buildings and monuments, providing direct experience with their authors and their results.

Besides, at the Guadalajara center they give specialized Spanish courses from Monday to Friday, with a duration tailored to the student’s goals.

Palacio del Infantado 1CEI Languages - Fachada de la Catedral de Sigüenzamas
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