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Ingrid´s Project, Argamasilla de Alba

GPS: 39.12049865722656, -3.089900016784668
Ingrid´s Project, Argamasilla de Alba

Ingrid´s Project offers you the possibility to learn Spanish while enjoying the gastronomy, culture, traditions, nature and entertainment of Spain, of Argamasilla de Alba in particular, a place where the tradition tells us that Cervantes conceived the Quixote while he was imprisoned in Cueva de Medrano.


Daily, in conjunction with the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas (Education Ministry's Official Language School) and Argamasilla de Alba town hall, we plan meetings with Spanish residents who, like you, want to improve their speech and understanding of other languages in order for you to exchange experiences and improve your linguistic competences.


We meet every afternoon to share workshops about La Mancha pastry, guided tours to wineries and tastings of their wines, tapas routes and walks around La Mancha lands. The surroundings of the Ruidera Lakes Natural Park, close to Argamasilla de Alba, make it easier for our pupils to practice sports among nature.

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