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Alejandro Villaseca Navarro. Woodworker.

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Workshop Description

Alejandro Villaseca Navarro was trained since he was a child at his father’s workshop, where he kept on working all the necessary techniques that make unique pieces of furniture and ornament come out of wood. He finished his training at La Sagra Occupational Training School and carried on with his father’s work when he retired.

His pieces have frequented different fairs and exhibitions where they have reaped the recognition of awards and prices that now adorn his work and career.

His work has a more institutional trend where reredos, altars, benches, choir stalls and statues decorate churches and convents. At the other shore, furniture made to order, unique, exclusive, and even made to measure: Vargueno desks, Savonarola chair, chairs, panoplies of swords, coats of arms … delight the clients of this master craftsman. Techniques, materials and finishes have given him a name of his own in woodworking that he defends with his daily know-how and the uniqueness of his pieces.

Phone:925511280Address:Calle Platino, 41 (Polígono San Antonio)Postal Code: 45200Location: Illescas (Toledo)
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