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Andrés Ponce José Jiménez. Blacksmith.

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Workshop Description

Andrés José Ponce Jiménez, trained at his village’s workshop, had immediately a bent for what he liked most, forging. After three years of training he spent another four at the Master Artisan workshop, who finished his training to be able to set up his own business.

This craft was changing, as farm equipment did not have anymore the required sales volume, and it was necessary to blaze a trail. That was the reason why Andrés specialized in indoor banisters and stairs, which are most of its production. He offers his clients his creative capacity in order to cover their demands, and they both agree on the piece that meets the order with all the benefits of the craft it represents.

Thus craft and vocation join forces in a living, happy to have found a way that is more and more rewarding day by day.

Phone:967 477 179 - 607 317 199E-mail:forja-ponce@hotmail.comAddress:Casas de Ves, 27Postal Code: 02215Location: Alborea (Albacete)
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