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聲gel Rus Jodar. Damascener.

GPS: 39.86280059814453, -4.02731990814209
Workshop Description

Angel Rus Jodar, trained at Antonio P廨ez Moreno workshop, where his father took him when he was fourteen years old, after realizing that neither the books nor the seminary seemed to awake any calling in him; thus, with his master, craftsmen and colleagues he learned the art and the ins and outs of this craft that has been his vocation, his job and his artistic expression means.

He set up his workshop when he was 21 years old at Santa Justa street, in former times packed with artisans of all crafts and that nowadays, quieter and less significant for history, echoes the beatings and the painstaking polishing of Angel, who keeps working each piece as if there wasnt any previous and any next one.

To draw, to trace, to spread the design well, are the works leading up to the rest of the process; then punching, finishing, carving, brushing shape the perfection and accuracy of this art to which this master has devoted his life.

Address:C/ Santa Justa Postal Code: 45001Location: Toledo (Toledo)
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