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José Ramón Navalón Milán

GPS: 38.87030029296875, -1.0993399620056152
Workshop Description

Among Almansa’s many valuable assets, we must highlight the artisan work of José Ramón Navalón Milán, leather craftsman. A true role model within the hunting world because of his leather articles, where quality engages with beauty. His pieces are so unique that he makes them by advance order, from  Rifle and shotgun holsters to chairs for blinds, cartridge belts and anything the hunter might need to complete his equipment.


José Ramón Navalón Milán

4, José Rodríguez Av.

02600 Almansa, Albacete

Phone no.: (+34) 967 644 589

Location: Almansa (Albacete)
José Ramón Navalón MilánJosé Ramón Navalón Milánmas
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