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Juan Antonio Sánchez Gómez. Blacksmith.

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Workshop Description

Juan Antonio Sánchez Gómez became familiar with the blacksmith’s trade at his father and uncle´s workshop, where he began and felt a vocation that took him to finish his training at the Villaverde Elevator School and the Toledo Provincial Government School of Arts and Crafts.

His artistic work stands out because of the lattices that adorn public and private places he makes by advance order. Thus the curves and points of his irons decorate gardens, convents and cathedrals by mixing a contemporary manufacture with a millenary technique.

His smithery is also a meeting and social gathering place for friends, clients, admirers and craftsmen, where the debate heats up close to the forge that breathes life and space in it.

His work takes time, because he spends it aware that it is dedication what leads to a good piece. His varied subject matter hovers over some of the hobbies and knowledge he best appreciates such as hunting or bullfighting. But it is his stamp as a teaching philosopher what gives his work and its awareness a style status… a lifestyle.


Phone:925 291 453E-mail:info@forjatoledo.comAddress:Calle Polán, 14Postal Code: 45160Location: Guadamur (Toledo)
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