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María de Gracia Arias Mora. Potter.

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The clay that teaches and learns
María de Gracia Arias Mora. Alfarera.
Workshop Description

María de Gracia Arias Mora, “Graci”, was born in Puertollano in 1960 and her creative inclinations took her from the beginning to study at the Ciudad Real Art School. Once focused on craftwork and pottery, she travelled around looking for the most essential techniques and schools for her training as this, training, reviving tradition and popularizing, are an essential part of her career and her work.

Her efforts to revive her homeland tradition and history takes shape in a book calledLa Ollería de Puertollano(Puertollano’s pot workshop). Within this same eagerness, she also restores emblematic pieces such asEl Puchero del VotoorThe Cantarilla del Agua Fría. This passion encourages her to collaborate also with several training and popularizing centers or projects through workshops or exhibitions.

Her devotion to this art is reflected in her pieces, which take from the vocation the fineness, and move from her creativity to her hands with the same gentleness they bring to mind. La Estación Pottery Center, which she shares with Ángel Leal Alcalde, gathers and spreads all these nuances of her work and her personality.

Phone:926 421 401E-mail:lealarias@telefonica.netAddress:Calle Ave María, 25Postal Code: 13500Location: Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
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