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Moisés García Ramos. Jeweller.

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Jewels with their own personality
Moisés García Ramos. Joyero.
Workshop Description

Moisés García Ramos searched in the Valencia School of Arts the basic knowledge about the trade he had chosen, as it was not possible at his homeland. Later on, in the finest guild style, he reinforced his training and his knowledge at some other workshops where the master craftsmen transmit to their apprentices all the ins and outs of their craftwork.

Moisés, realizing the lack of training in his region for this art, created his own school, which run for a five-year period thanks to the subsidy of the regional government.

The future of artisan jewelry cannot be based on the mere commercial performance and could become a purely elite exercise, where masters do not depend on their activity and can carry it out in a vocational way.

By now, Moisés is specialized in molding the personality of each jewel, which he tailors to each order, to each person, to the end-use it is ordered for. His works, full of charm, personality and creativity, go beyond ages, trends or work, to become the exclusive piece of this master craftsman and of the person for whom it is intended.

Phone:967 218 948E-mail:moijoyero@yahoo.esAddress:Calle de San Agustín, 8Postal Code: 02001Location: Albacete (Albacete)
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