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Pablo Cordero Benavente. Embroiderer.

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The needle that draws the cloth
Pablo Cordero Benavente. Bordador
Workshop Description

Pablo Cordero Benavente, far from following the family tradition of constructing tile floors, accepted a bet according to which “he would not dare to take part in an embroidering course, being a man”.

This test resolved his vocation and his future that evolved from then on amongst threads and clothes.

The culture of the area is at the same time the source where the clients and the activity come from, and the inspiration for traditional manufacturing and embroidering which make them essential in any worthy celebration.

Different techniques and stitches coexist in the needle of this craftsman that rescues them from the 17thand the 18thcenturies and keeps them alive on his creations.

His vocation as a tradition keeper that have not only made him worthy of the recognition to be ordered the manufacture of costumes for dancing groups or folkloric clothing, but loyal to this spirit, he also and with the same care hands the needle to Esther, his daughter, who with her vocation ensures the survival of this craftwork at least one more generation.

Phone: 925 750 976Fax: 925 750 976E-mail:esthercordero@hotmail.comAddress:Calle de Don Lino Ramos, 15Postal Code: 45516Location: La Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo)
Pablo Cordero Benavente. Bordadormas
  • Pablo Cordero Benavente. Bordador
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