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Ramón Recuero Ibáñez. Blacksmith.

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Workshop Description

Ramón Recuero Ibáñez started in his youth at the Ciudad Real School of Arts and Crafts and later on, looking for a way of living, started a journey around different activities and studies, but in the end he went for his vocation and decided that the place to round off his training was the Toledo School of Arts.

Very inclined towards artistic forging, at his homestead we can find incredibly beautiful pieces and it is there where Ramón carries out another of his passions: teaching. His forge fills up with young, and not so young, apprentices willing to go in depth into this craftwork hand in hand with his expertise and his passion.

Thanks to his status as teacher, he has innovated about processes coming to a soundless forging and to an individual forging; both join together in order to offer each pupil his own space and tools, making the least nuisance and the most of their time.

His initiative and his involvement in forging have made him being in charge of blacksmithing national meetings and prepare the first international meeting.

Phone:925 860 012E-mail:ramonrecuero@gmail.comAddress:Caserío de San Antonio, 15Postal Code: 45690Location: La Pueblanueva (Toledo)
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