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Telesforo Fernández. Cutler.

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Workshop Description

Telesforo Fernández is the link of this family line that comes from his father, Juan José Fernández Martínez, who started the artisan lineage, to his son, Manuel Fernández Panades, who set up the workshop in 1995 where they work together and go on with those cutlery roots in the provincial tradition.

Materials and techniques join his hands’ mastery to offer the whole range of knives and penknives that go from his workshop to shops and individuals, collectors and fairs nourishing the orders and the tasks of this family of cutlers.

Steels of different types are assembled with horns, bones, woods, ivories and metals, to get in each piece the flavor of tradition, of manufacture, of uniqueness. Their works have been shown in fairs, exhibitions and competitions where they have been awarded several prizes and recognitions, both institutional and the media.

Phone:967 217 554 - 615 148 217 - 678 648 282Fax:967 217 554 E-mail:info@cuchilleriafernandez.comAddress:C/ San Pedro nº 7, bajoPostal Code: 02006Location: Albacete (Albacete)
Taller de artesanía de Telesforo FernándezTaller de artesanía de Telesforo Fernándezmas
  • Taller de artesanía de Telesforo Fernández
  • Taller de artesanía de Telesforo Fernández
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