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Trinidad García Esteban. Carpet maker.

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Workshop Description

Trinidad García Esteban has her workshop and her exhibition on the ground floor of Alcaraz Town Hall where, with the help of organizations and entities and the town council itself, this craftswoman, by dint of tenacity and perseverance, has managed to revive a tradition that sets this municipality apart and that was getting lost: The Carpets from Alcaraz.

There is no way the carpets from Alcaraz can compete, in spite of their fame and prestige, against other ones manufactured at low cost and with more decorative elements. This makes the economic help essential to support the workshop and to spread the activity at all events related to this sector.

The workshop has two looms with already started pieces and an exhibition of already finished carpets, most of them on sale. She receives groups of pupils to take part in courses about knowledge and techniques to make pieces by themselves.

Trinidad García, Artisan Craftswoman, keeps on with her eagerness to carry on with and spread this tradition and its techniques so it does not get lost, so a craftwork coming back from the Moorish era does not end with her and with pieces spread all over the world.

Phone:967380140 - 967380827E-mail:alcarazturismo@hotmail.comAddress:Avenida de la Constitución, 12Postal Code: 02300Location: Alcaraz (Albacete)
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