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Valentín Camuñas Quilón

GPS: 38.984798431396484, -3.927380084991455
Leather craftsman and shoemaker
Valentín Camuñas Quilón
Workshop Description

At 7, Libertad St. in Ciudad Real there is one of these small stores hidden where it seems you would only find little more than shoe-repair shop. But nowhere near its appearance, Valentín Camuñas, leather craftsman, makes inside this little shop hunting leather articles with the mastery of someone who have been forever breathing life into the leather. And far from stopping there, many turn to him to have classic hunting material repaired, for Rifle and shotgun holsters, cartridge bandoliers and bags, cartridge belts... Always sure that they will leave with truly unique objects.


Zapatería Guarnicionería El Rápido

7, Libertad St.

13004 Ciudad Real

Phone nos. (+34) 926 921 100 / (+34) 926 215 677

Location: Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real)
Valentín Camuñas QuilónValentín Camuñas Quilónmas
  • Valentín Camuñas Quilón
  • Valentín Camuñas Quilón
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