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Vicente Anaya Verbo. Blacksmith

GPS: 39.459598541259766, -3.608299970626831
Fourth generation of craftsmen
Vicente Anaya Verbo. Forjador.
Workshop Description

Under the Forjasport company name, we find the fourth generation of artisan blacksmiths, headed by Mr. Vicente Anaya.

Thanks to their metallic furniture and decorative elements, recognized architects and decorators trust in them to develop their creations. They have been awarded three design prizes in Castile-La Mancha.

Nowadays they organize artisan visits around their workshop, where you can witness the blacksmithing work with your own eyes. Visits can be arranged by appointment by telephone on 925 481 688.

Phone:925 48 16 88 Address:Pol. Ind. C/ 1 Nave 6-A Postal Code: 45700Location: Consuegra (Toledo)
Vicente Anaya. Forjadormas
  • Vicente Anaya. Forjador
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