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Serrania de Cuenca National Park

Tragacete (Cuenca)GPS: 40.34960174560547, -1.8507299423217773
Pine woods of deer, roe deer, wild boars and mouflons

Serranía de Cuenca Nature Reserve takes up a broad area characterized by several river courses, being especially noteworthy the Source of the Cuervo River and the scenery of eroded limestone such as the spectacular Júcar canyon walls. But its most characteristic aspect is the lack of human presence, which enabled flagship hunting species proliferation in its wild nature. The Iberian red deer, the roe deer, the wild boar and the Iberian ibex make up nowadays the fauna of one the hunting paradises in Spain.


The Park carries out culls in order to keep the hunting species in optimal conservation conditions, as there are no natural predators. El Hosquillo Hunting Park is also a testing space for species’ breeding and repopulation, which even has bears and wolves, as well as providing the preserves with specimens. 


Provincial Environmental Office in Cuenca

Phone no.: (+34) 969 17 83 00

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