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Iniesta S.L. Winery

Fuentealbilla (Albacete)GPS: 39.2776985168457, -1.5597200393676758
Not only football, but also good wine
Bodega Iniesta S.L.

It is the family business project of the well-known Spanish national football team player. Iniesta winery is located in Fuentealbilla, right in the heart of the Manchuela, between the Cabriel and Júcar river basins. It makes its wines out of their own vineyards. Their fields house indigenous varieties that can be either middle-aged wines or other older and long-aged vineyards. The latter are able to evolve in the bottle over many years, eventually building up a unique flavor.

The winery is equipped and designed to preserve the qualities and the characteristics of both the grape and the soil to the maximum. It offers its visitors a touristic choice to get to know the interesting world of wine.


It has more than 120 hectares of vineyards with indigenous varieties: Macabeo, Bobal y Graciano, along with some other international ones such as Chardonnay, Petit Verdot or Sauvignon Blanc. It offers two trademarks: Corazón Loco and Finca el Carril. The first ones are young and daring wines, while the second ones are wines with Protected designation of origin.


It offers catering service, wine tourism activities for the whole family, visits to the winery and the vineyards, as well as planning of business activities and meetings.

Bodegas Iniesta, en Fuentealbilla (Albacete)Bodegas Iniesta, en Fuentealbilla (Albacete)Bodegas Iniesta, en Fuentealbilla (Albacete)mas
  • Bodegas Iniesta, en Fuentealbilla (Albacete)
  • Bodegas Iniesta, en Fuentealbilla (Albacete)
  • Bodegas Iniesta, en Fuentealbilla (Albacete)
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