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Señorío de Monterruiz Winery

Villanueva de la Jara (Cuenca)GPS: 39.39970016479492, -1.8461600542068481
Meeting up with wine craftwork
Bodega Señorío de Monterruiz

Located within Villanueva de la Jara municipality, Señorío de Monterruiz Winery is introducing a new way to understand leisure; Nature and gastronomy at the service of the visitor. They offer a reunion with the traditional way of living wine culture. This winery combines the old, like vats, along with modern technology, to obtain the best result: an unforgettable wine.

The vines are grown in a traditional way, and a low production pruning is applied in order to get grapes the highest possible quality. This way, their wines stand out in terms of bouquet, color and body.


They are under the Manchuela Protected designation of origin. They have Cabernet Sauvignon and Bobal vines, the latter with a vine maturity of more than 40 years. They produce white, young red and crianza wines.


They offer both accommodation and a tool museum. They organize visits to their mushroom crops. Depending on the season, they prepare activities like harvest and wine making, slaughters or oil recycling. Other sports and adventure activities are cycling tourism, quad outing or flora and fauna watching.

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