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La Estacada Winery Estate

Tarancón (Cuenca)GPS: 40.00199890136719, -2.9999899864196777
Don’t you know wine therapy yet?
Bodegas Finca La Estacada

On the way that leads us to their highlands, heading towards the historical city, we find a small wine shrine. An old farm located in Tarancón municipality that  has been, thanks to the Cantarero Rodríguez family endeavor, turned into a whole wine tourism complex. Among their leisure proposal, we can highlight wine therapy, a unique offer within this region. Here wine plays the leading role; a wine that stands out by its quality but also by its good price.

The winery is located in a plot known as La Estacada, from which it bears its name. Just use cutting-edge tools are used for their production process.


As well as La Estacada Estate varietal selection, there are another two very special in-house produced wines: Secua cabernet-syrah and La Estacada syrah-merlot.


Hotel, restaurant, spa and, most of all, visits to the winery and the vineyard. Commented tastings are also prepared and they also organize team building activities for companies. Do not forget to discover their most innovative proposal: wine therapy.

Bodegas Finca La EstacadaBodegas Finca La EstacadaBodegas Finca La Estacadamas
  • Bodegas Finca La Estacada
  • Bodegas Finca La Estacada
  • Bodegas Finca La Estacada
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