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Villavid Wineries

Villarta (Cuenca)GPS: 39.440101623535156, -1.65093994140625

Why them? Because of their 'Marca de Calidad Vino de España’ (wine from Spain quality label), because of their management experience from 1952 or because of their excellent production, between 12 and 14 million liters per year. These are some of the reasons to enjoy their wines. The people in charge of this initiative feel proud of having vines which are more than 40 years old in their vineyard. The reward can be found in each glass of wine.

Located at the southeast of Cuenca, in Villarta municipality, we find Dulce Nombre de Jesús Wine Cooperative, incorporated in 1952, out of the initiative of a group of wine-makers that opted for the transformation and sale of their wines. Nowadays the cooperative is composed of 670 partners, who cultivate 1,900 hectares.


The varieties they have traditionally grown are Bobal, the indigenous variety of the Manchuela Protected Designation of Origin, under which their wines are, together with Cencibel. Now they also have new Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Graciano plantations which adapt very well to the continental climate with Mediterranean influences in this area.


They offer an authentic journey to viticulture past times, along with painting and photography exhibitions. During their guided tours, you will know the production process firsthand. There are different touristic experience packs; please check their web.

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