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San Lorenzo Farming Cooperative

Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real)GPS: 39.26390075683594, -3.1263599395751953

San Lorenzo Farming Cooperative is a place where caring for the land and a commitment to extract from it the highest- quality products come together. Conceived under a global concept, as well as growing vines, this cooperative also works with fruit and vegetables.

Located in the well-known Alcázar de San Juan municipality, many clients visit them interested in their farming techniques. They expect to learn from the experience of a company that has been working since 1954. They harvest the grape from the end of August to September 15th.


This Cooperative produces two high-quality wine brands: Quite Real and the Gran Prior white one.


They organize guided tours around the facilities, wine tastings and, of course, fruit and vegetables samples. They offer farming and sowing intensive courses in order to improve agricultural techniques.

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