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Festival of the Cow in San Pablo de los Montes

San Pablo de los Montes (Toledo)GPS: 39.53929901123047, -4.331610202789307
The visitor is the main character
Description of the party

At this festival, after the procession, the visitor is invited by the city council to eattostones- toasted garbanzos - and drink lemonade. But the invitation is not free: beforehand s/he will have to run, at a good pace, through the aisle made by the spectators, from the plaza to the city hall, chased by “a cow” - a rod on which they attach a pair of cow horns, and adorned with ribbons and flowers.

Festival of Regional Touristic Interest.


January 25.


The night before the day of the cow, the 24th of January, they also celebrate a luminary - a big bonfire over the coals of which the locals jump, and afterwards a party of music and dancing.


Fiesta de la Vaca de San Pablo de los Montesmas
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