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Lamppost procession in Sigüenza

Sigüenza (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.06840133666992, -2.641249895095825
Description of the party

Walking around medieval Sigüenza as the night falls, following the Mayor Virgin, and the lampposts carried by the brothers, surrounded by a silence only broken occasionally by the music, and by the toll of all the bells in the city. This way is the procession, which mixes devotion, tradition, and art. The image is from the 13thcentury, and is carried on a carriage adorned with flowers, followed by five mysteries made out of metal and crystal, over the frame carried by the faithful on their shoulders.

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest


Movable date. On the following day to August 15th.


The itinerary starts at the cathedral to go then along Medina y San Roque street and to arrive to Paseo de la Alameda, it goes up Humilladero street, finishing at Cardenal Mendoza street, going back to the cathedral. You can walk along with it or watch it pass by at any of these streets. It is also interesting to go to the Cathedral to listen to its organ. Once the procession ends, it is worth to stare at the sky: a thousand colored fireworks close the Sigüenza festivities.

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