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Easter in Carmena

Carmena (Toledo)GPS: 39.95560073852539, -4.401490211486816
Description of the party

in Toledo province and thus the full involvement of the locals, of all ages. It is like this for the preparations, weeks in advance, and during the different religious events.

One of its hallmarks is the re-enactment of Jesus’ last days at its streets especially embellished for the occasion.

Everything starts on Palm Sunday, with the so-called "Procesión de La Borriquita" (little donkey procession) in which the children from Carmena are the main figures, in charge of carrying the frame of the image depicting Jesus in the saddle of a little donkey while all the locals carry palm and olive branches. Later on, at the Holy Thursday and Good Friday processions, there are centurions that escort Christ; Judas kiss re-enactment; Pilate’s sentence; the bloodstained Christ  face wiping-off; the incident about Simon of Cyrene episode when he is forced to help Jesus carrying the cross, and finally the “Holy Burial Procession", in which the different Brotherhoods and Associations in Carmena accompany the Reclining Christ image to his Sepulcher (located 1.5 km. away from the church) to be buried there. The climax takes place on Easter Sunday, when at the church yard the "Meeting Procession" takes place between Jesus and his Mother, framed by bell tolls, music and burst of rockets. And as a finale, "Judas burning" at the Town Hall square, with final string of fireworks.

A festivity bursting with fervor and oozing authenticity.

Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest since 2015

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