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Casa Carmelo restaurant

Ocaña (Toledo)GPS: 39.96049880981445, -3.4943199157714844

From its kitchen you will get dishes such as Assortment of Big Game Hunting or Iberian Cold Cuts, Scrambled Eggs with small fava beans and sweetbread or with black pudding, Grandma's-home or Comendador de Ocaña Cod, Wood-roasted Piglet, Beef Entrecôte in Rosemary Cheese and Villaroy-style stuffed baby lamb chops; and typical dishes such as Porridge or migas manchegas (La Mancha-style fried bread crumbs), Mansos de Casa Carmelo (thickly-sliced fried potatoes), Duelos y quebrantos (scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo, ham and bacon), Marinated Capon Salad or Sopa castellana (Garlic Soup with Eggs).

Its generous cuisine, which can be enjoyed inside the so-called Cueva de Oro (golden cave), a gallery some 100 meters long, adapted to be used as dining hall that makes the ideal setting to enjoy their delicacies, wrapped in a mysterious atmosphere, in the silence and the freshness emanating from that long and old gallery.

Restaurante Casa Carmelo, en Ocañamas
  • Restaurante Casa Carmelo, en Ocaña
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