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Concepción Restaurant- Grill house

Albacete (Albacete)GPS: 38.99420166015625, -1.8552700281143188
A role model in the past and nowadays
Restaurante Asador Concepción
Gastronomic visit

Family project re-inaugurated in 2012 with new spaces where, as well as the restaurant, you can enjoy a wide bar in which you can taste its dishes in a more relaxed way. In a homely and warm ambiance, they make its laborious menu in an artisan way, adapting to the new palates the traditional dishes. Becoming a culinary role model in Albacete province.


Its elegant and plain presentation leaves the leading role for the raw materials, vegetable rolls, goose liver crunches with Boletus, artichokes with imitation elver, tuna with coffee reduction, black pudding fritters; a true pleasure for the ones who enjoy at the table. Among the main dishes we can highlight the beef rib steak, a classic in the grill house. They have also created a different space, a big bar where you can taste some of their dishes, and let yourself get surprised by the interesting proposals for the tapa of the month.


5, Concepción St.

Albacete (Albacete)

(+34) 967 524 350

Concepción, 5Albacete (Albacete)967 524
Restaurante Asador ConcepcionRestaurante Asador Concepcionmas
  • Restaurante Asador Concepcion
  • Restaurante Asador Concepcion
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