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Conde de Orgaz National Parador (Game gastronomy)

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.86280059814453, -4.02731990814209
Heterodox and traditional cuisine
Parador Nacional Conde de Orgaz  (Gastronomia de caza)
Gastronomic visit

The restaurant of the Conde de Orgaz National Parador is a gastronomic role-model within the city, and although in its menu you can find a very varied offer, it always sets aside on it room for important game dishes that are also nourished by the tradition of Toledo cuisine and from the excellent regional row materials. We can highlight deer cured meat, served along walnuts and olive oil, Toledo-style red-legged partridge, and deer loin marinated in pineapple juice.     


Cerro del Emperador
Phone no.: (+34) 925 221 850

Toledo (Toledo)
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