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Dalia restaurant

Chinchilla de Montearagón (Albacete)
967260436 / 967260177 / 616482815http://www.restaurantedalia.com
GPS: 38.92070007324219, -1.7251800298690796

In it you will be able to enjoy an exquisite traditional La Mancha and signature cuisine, within a Castilian atmosphere and a period cafeteria in the upper floor.

It offers a wide selection of typical dishes such as Piquillo peppers stuffed with black pudding with vegetable sauce, Marinated loin, Potatoes with sobrassada oil, Azotabarba s(ham, chorizo and tomato soup with thick noodles), Atascaburras (crumbled cod and potatoes), Ajo mataero (liver, bread, garlic and paprika puree), Brothy rice with free range chicken or wild rabbit, and desserts such as Rellenos en dulce (cakes in lemon and orange syrup), Pan de Calatrava (bread pudding with syrup), Oranges with honey or Custard.

It has a select wine cellar with more than 100 references, paying special attention to the wines from the region and from the municipalities around.

Restaurante Dalia, en Chinchilla de MontearagónRestaurante Dalia, en Chinchilla de MontearagónRestaurante Dalia, en Chinchilla de Montearagónmas
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