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El Bodegón restaurant

GPS: 39.07040023803711, -3.6173698902130127
Dishes with a lot of character
Gastronomic visit

The history of this restaurant dates back to 1795 when it was still Grillo Winery, referring to the name of the owner, a very well-known man around Daimiel fields. The large winery kept its doors open until 1975; years later his heirs, his great-great-grandchildren, have kept his hospitality line creating this nice restaurant, in which they have managed to blend the local tradition with a modern style, promoting and supporting their ties with their homeland and with Tablas de Daimiel National Park.

Restaurant awarded with Two Suns in 2015 Repsol Guide.


Its dishes allow you to enjoy the local raw materials but with the nuances of the most modern cuisine; among its delicacies we can find jelly bean of roasted pepper from La Mancha and summer truffle, fried octopus with mayonnaise of Tempranillo Red Wine from La Mancha, or deer sirloin macerated in fine herbs and game stock. Wine lovers will also find a place as this old winery houses vintage wines but also new references that create a wide list among which it will be difficult to take a decision.


20, Luchana st.

Daimiel (Ciudad Real)

(+34) 926 852 652

Luchana, 20926 852
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