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La Bodeguita restaurant (Game gastronomy)

Consuegra (Toledo)GPS: 39.46419906616211, -3.6091198921203613
Tasting La Mancha cuisine
La Bodeguita  (Gastronomia de caza)
Gastronomic visit

La Bodeguita de Consuegra has a true gastronomic calling for La Mancha products and for the, modern and traditional, cuisine derived from them. This is the reason why game cuisine proposals keep being present in their menu, proposals as interesting as the deer sirloin or the wild boar with cheese cream and saffron. Delicacies from La Mancha wisely combined to which, with honor, we should add deer and wild boar cured meat, its game croquettes, assorted piquillo peppers stuffed with partridge, hunting scrambled eggs, or deer loin chops.

The restaurant’s dining hall, with a capacity of 35 people, allows the dishes to have the bouquet of painstaking recipes, the ones you can only develop in small quantities. Accompanied by a cask storage room for beer lovers and an interesting wine list.


7, Vicente Figueroa sq.
Consuegra, Toledo
Phone no.: (+34): 925475824

Consuegra (Toledo)
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