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La Cabaña de Alarcón

Alarcón (Cuenca)GPS: 39.546199798583984, -2.0854101181030273
Gastronomic visit

With a strategic position between Madrid and Valencia you will find this one-of-a-kind space, which gives off an endearing vibe and invites you to enjoy as if you were at home. A huge window offers a unique view of the valley, but you can also enjoy the art on the walls displaying the works of various artists.  


The products that are highlighted on the menu are those that are based in regional cuisines, such as legumes, marinated partridge, fresh baked ham or the classic chickena la Alcarria. All of which is a gastronomic immersion in the traditions of Castile-La Mancha.


C/ Álvaro de Lara, 21
Alcarón (Cuenca)

969 330 373

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C/ Álvaro de Lara, 21Alarcón (Cuenca)969 330 373
Restaurante La Cabaña de AlarcónRestaurante La Cabaña de AlarcónRestaurante La Cabaña de Alarcónmas
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