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Restaurante Hospedería Valdepeñas

Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)
926 310 795 / 618 621 498
GPS: 38.76850128173828, -3.384690046310425

Restaurante Hospedería Valdepeñas is situated in the locality of Valdepeñas, in the province of Ciudad Real, in a peaceful area 10 minutes from the town center. On the premises are museum pieces and antiquities that are mixed in different styles.

Hospedería Valdepeñas is a new establishment, constructed in 1998 over an old wine cellar. Arriving at the door one cannot imagine what the thick walls guard; submerging ourselves in time, we find ourselves inside the walls, a mixture of elegance with its old-fashioned Castilian decoration, adapted to the commodities that are expected of hotels nowadays.

The property includes nine double occupancy rooms, a cafeteria with a reading area, the dining room-restaurant, and an interior patio to spend the warm summer nights. 

Hospedería Museo ValdepeñasHospedería Museo ValdepeñasHospedería Museo Valdepeñasmas
  • Hospedería Museo Valdepeñas
  • Hospedería Museo Valdepeñas
  • Hospedería Museo Valdepeñas
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