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Restaurante La Alacena

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.87900161743164, -4.044169902801514

A culinary location to satisfy the most discerning palates, based on traditional cuisine, with menus catering to all needs.

Here, you can enjoy a great variety of National and Regional dishes, prepared with the best ingredients.

During the month of April, they celebrate the Gastronomic Days of Basque-Navarre Cuisine where the highlights are vegetables and meats. Also, in November, for the past six years, they have been celebrating Galician Cuisine Days, importing all the ingredients from Galicia.

Specialties of the house: Rodaballo (turbot) or Merluza (hake) a la Gallega con Cachelos (Galician style, with Galician boiled potatoes), Buey (brown crab), and Percebes (barnacles), all mixed well into one of their excellent Galician broths.  

Restaurante La Alacena (Hotel Beatriz, Toledo)mas
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