Restaurante La Fonda de Alberto. Gastronomy


Restaurante La Fonda de Alberto

Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)GPS: 38.7593994140625, -3.394479990005493

Restaurante La Fonda de Alberto, located in Valdepeñas, is accredited for the preparation and execution of “Cocina Tradicional De Quijote/Cocina del Quijote en el siglo XXI” (Traditional Cuisine of Quijote/Cuisine of Quijote in the 21st Century), in accordance with the JCCM’s (Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha) convocation of 20-12-2004. Additionally, you will enjoy a menu with a great variety of dishes, from which the guest will take his appetite back to the epoch and enjoy well prepared dishes.

The tradition and simplicity with a modern and personal style. The taste of authenticity.

The foundation of the menu of La Fonda de Alberto is the quality of the ingredients; it is a market menu, for which they work with seasonal products, constantly revising it.

Highlights of the menu: fresh and marinated fish, coming from markets from all over Spain, traditionally prepared; seafood and meats, from species indigenous to the area, and red meats. You will also be able to find a great variety of regional dishes such as pisto manchego (ratatouille), assadillo de pimiento (roasted red pepper),las gachas de almortas(savory porridge),migas manchegas(fried breadcrumbs), guisos de invierno (winter stews) magnificently prepared on their stoves, and cold creams and salads in the summer season, prepared with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Their cellar is comprised of almost 300 wines where the highlights are the wines of the local land, without forgetting the most noted Denominations of Origin from throughout Spain. 

Restaurante La Fonda de Alberto. Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real) /Jorge MoreiroEzequiel Ciorraga, chef del Restaurante La Fonda de Alberto (Valdepeñas) /Jorge MoreiroCivet de Jabalí con Nido de Pasta Fresca y Salsa de Roquefort /Jorge Moreiromas
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