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Restaurante La Membrilleja

Almagro (Ciudad Real)
926 693 064 / 629 936 262
GPS: 38.93730163574219, -3.78056001663208

An ideal restaurant to enjoy the best Manchegan cuisine with a particular creative touch, where the quality, good price, and excellent service, united with the originality of their dishes, will delight even the most discerning palates and surprise the most adventurous.

It is a kitchen filled with flavors and sensations, of which we can highlight dishes such as asados en horno de leña (meat roasts in a wood oven), buñuelos de corzo con salsa de frambuesa (fried dough with roe deer and raspberry sauce), carpaccio de atún rojo (red tuna carpaccio), milhojas de bacalao con escalivada y vinagreta de tomate (cod filled pastry with roasted vegetables and tomato vinaigrette), pimiento verde italiano relleno de presa ibéricia (Italian pepper stuffed with Iberian shoulder cut), solomillo en salsa de coco (sirloin in coconut sauce), pastel de liebre y venado (hare and venison pie) and tarta de chocolate blanco (white chocolate cake).  

Restaurante La Membrilleja, en AlmagroRestaurante La Membrilleja, en AlmagroRestaurante La Membrilleja, en Almagromas
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