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Restaurante La Muralla

Belmonte (Cuenca)GPS: 39.55619812011719, -2.7042999267578125

A restaurant in which you can enjoy typical dishes of Cuenca such as gachas manchegas (savory porridge), ajo pimiento (garlic pepper), sopa castellana (garlic soup), ajo arriero (typical garlic dish), morteruelo (hot meat paté), pisto manchego (Manchegan ratatouille), perdiz en escabeche (marinated partridge), cabrito al ajillo (young goat with garlic), conejo a la cazadora (rabbit), and lomo de orza (fried pork loin).

A highlight are the revueltos de… (scrambled eggs with...) setas (mushrooms), ajos verdes (green garlic), jamón y cebolla (cured ham and onion), and revuelto especial de la casa (house specialty).

In addition, it has a Cafeteria-bar, with a capacity of 100 people, in which you can enjoy a large variety of aperitivos (appetizers) and raciones (small plates).

A ballroom for weddings, equipped for 250 people, as well as for outings, communions or any type of social function.

And a summer terrace, with ambient music and a few varieties of plants that lend a special charm to the summer nights. 

Restaurante La Muralla. Cafetería (Belmonte)Restaurante La Muralla. Comedor (Belmonte)Restaurante La Muralla (Belmonte)mas
  • Restaurante La Muralla. Cafetería (Belmonte)
  • Restaurante La Muralla. Comedor  (Belmonte)
  • Restaurante La Muralla (Belmonte)
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