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Restaurante La Playa

Cuenca (Cuenca)GPS: 40.08760070800781, -2.129120111465454
As if feeling the sea breeze in the middle of Cuenca
Gastronomic visit

A privileged location on the shore of the Júcar River, along the well-known artificial beach, with spectacular views of the old city. Where you can also enjoy their beautiful dining rooms for celebrations and also the terrace.


Whether ordering by the daily menu or shared plates, you will find options for all tastes. You can sample dishes such asarroz meloso con butifarra y trompetas de la muerte(creamy rice with Catalan sausage and mushrooms) orsalmorejo con sal de jamón y bouquet de huevo cocido y pimiento italiano(tomato purée with ham salt and mix of cooked egg and Italian pepper).

Carretera de Villalba de la Sierra, Km 2Cuenca (Cuenca)969 213
Restaurante La PlayaRestaurante La PlayaRestaurante La PlayaRestaurante La PlayaRestaurante La Playamas
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