Restaurante Lino II. Gastronomy


Restaurante Lino II

Guadalajara (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.632598876953125, -3.1632699966430664

Their menu, inspired by the typical Spanish cookbook, offers us intriguing dishes such as Bolitas de queso fresco y gambas sobre muselina de piquillo (balls of fresh cheese and shrimp over pepper sauce) or el carret de cordero lechal relleno, cebolla confitada y setas (stuffed rack of lamb with caramelized onions and mushrooms).

Great ingredients, appropriate decor, and pleasing ambiance.

And a wine cellar, with more than one hundred options.

The pay special attention to soups of the region. 

Restaurante Lino (Guadalajara)Restaurante Lino (Guadalajara)mas
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