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Restaurante Nuestro Bar

Albacete (Albacete)
967 243 373 / 967 244 484
GPS: 38.98970031738281, -1.8487099409103394

Offering a kitchen based in the most pure Manchegan tradition, prepared with products of the highest quality and a kitchen filled with nuances, with the sweetness of their desserts and the charm of their people. They also have a great variety of meats and fish.

The house recommends sampling the Cosicas menu made up of a variety of typical Manchegan dishes, or if preferred, you can choose among the dishes that make up the menu of the day or the traditional menu, where you will find an extensive variety of traditional dishes, meats, fish and others.

Among their Manchegan specialties: atascaburras, pisto manchego (Manchegan ratatouille), migas (fried breadcrumbs), mojete (ratatouille), gachas (savory porridge), queso frito (fried cheese) o lomo de orza (fried pork loin). Of their meats, highlights are la paletilla (shoulder blade) or chuletas de lechal (lamb chops), cochinillo (roasted suckling pig), perdiz roja (red partridge), or faisán (pheasant); and of their fish dishes: lomo de bacalao (fillet of cod), cocochas (barbels) of merluza (hake), lubina (sea bass), dorada (gilt-head bream)… In the cellar, included along with an ample wine list, is an excellent representation of wines with the D.O. (Denominación de Origen) ofLa Mancha and Valdepeñas. 

Restaurante Nuestro Bar (Albacete) /Jorge MoreiroManola Giménez Marín, chef del Restaurante Nuestro Bar (Albacete) /Jorge MoreiroGazpacho manchego. Restaurante Nuestro Bar (Albacete) /Jorge Moreiromas
  • Restaurante Nuestro Bar (Albacete) /<b>Jorge Moreiro</b>
  • Manola Giménez Marín, chef del Restaurante Nuestro Bar (Albacete) /<b>Jorge Moreiro</b>
  • Gazpacho manchego. Restaurante Nuestro Bar (Albacete) /<b>Jorge Moreiro</b>
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