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Restaurante Quiñoneros

Brihuega (Guadalajara)GPS: 40.76380157470703, -2.8685100078582764
Gastronomic visit

Since 1994 Amparo and Abel have opened the doors of the restaurant Quiñoneros to offer an intimate and familial ambiance. It is located in the community of Alcarria, in the own of Brihuega, known for its natural beauty. The name was chosen because in was in these surroundings where the quiñones were distributed, these being the plots of land that were used to sow.


Rooted in the land and its owners, this restaurant offers the possibility to enjoy dishes that provide a journey through the traditional Manchegan cookbook but with a creative touch. Seasonal ingredients and imaginative dishes, among which some highlights aremilhojas de solomillo de ternera en salsa de arándanos con foie(flaky pastry with veal sirloin in blueberry sauce with foie) and the intriguingmerluza en costra de almendras al pil-pil(hake in an almond crust with garlic sauce).


Paseo de María Cristina, 10

Brihuega (Guadalajara)

949 280 495

Paseo de María Cristina, 10Brihuega (Guadalajara)949 280 495
Restaurante QuiñonerosRestaurante QuiñonerosRestaurante QuiñonerosRestaurante Quiñonerosmas
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