Restaurante Rincón Gallego II. Gastronomy


Restaurante Rincón Gallego II

Albacete (Albacete)
967 211 494
GPS: 38.992401123046875, -1.8542200326919556

Here people come to eat seafood in whichever of its usual preparations. Centollo (spider crab), buey de mar (brown crab), bogavante (European lobster), nécora (velvet swimcrab), cigala (Norway lobster), langosta (common spiny lobster), gamba (deepwater rose shrimp), camarón (common prawn), quisquilla (common prawn), ostra (oyster), percebe (barnacle)…and whatever comes to mind.

Products of the highest quality, brought from the best ports of the coast. Enjoy!

It has a public bar at the entrance, followed by a pretty and charming dining room, with marine decor in the style of a boat.

A place in the middle of Castile-La Mancha, where you can enjoy sea food and fresh fish typical of the traditional cuisine of Galicia

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  • Restaurante Rincón Gallego II (Albacete)
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