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聲gel Custodio Country Estate

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.861000061035156, -4.045589923858643

Nine distinct interior and exterior rooms, 100,000 square meters in total. Select offering: Palacete de la Fina (Refined Mansion), Exhibition and Meeting Room, Panoramic Hall,Sala Aljibe (Dungeon Room), Sala de los Arcos (Arches Room), the plaza of the hermitage, the cloister of the hermitage, the River Terrace, and the Patio of Poets.

From 50 to 1,000 people, even more when combining the available spaces. Events and weddings.

An Arab building from the 11th century, at the shores of the Tagus River, with a legend included that dates to 1007, when a Moorish king and a Christian princess married, and an indescribable treasure magically came out of the waters: gold, jewels, precious tablewares

Cigarral Santo 聲gel CustodioCigarral Santo 聲gel CustodioCigarral del 聲gel Custodiomas
  • Cigarral Santo 聲gel Custodio
  • Cigarral Santo 聲gel Custodio
  • Cigarral del 聲gel Custodio
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