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Exhibition Center in Albacete - IFAB

Albacete (Albacete)GPS: 39.0093994140625, -1.8728200197219849
Where the center, the east, and the south shake hands
Recinto Ferial de Albacete - IFAB

More than 30.000 square meters of outdoor space and 8.000 square meters of interior space divided into two ample pavilions and a multipurpose are, it is a singular and very attractive offering to organize a fair event of prestige for any sector.

Albacete is a perfect meeting point between the center, the east and the south of Spain; a city of passing from and towards Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Murcia. The facilities are located very close to the emblematic industrial area of Campollano.

Annually, there are exhibitions and shows of antiquities, commerce, the motor industry, renewable energies, artisan wares and from the service sectors in general.


Modern rooms for shows and meetings. Press room and medical services. Sound system and loudspeakers. Service personnel and printing services. Security systems and personnel. Parking, restaurant and cafeteria. 

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  • Recinto Ferial IFAB
  • Recinto Ferial IFAB
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