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Sigüenza (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.06380081176758, -2.6439900398254395

Aventurasmil is a company dedicated to leisure activities in the natural environment with more than ten years of experience, developing our activities for all types of groups.
We try to be the best in what we like, to transform our ideas into active tourism services.
All of our programs and activities are designed individually and exclusively for you...

• Tours through El Hayedo de Tejera Negra Natural Park.
• Routes along Río Dulce Natural Park.
• Routes through Hoces del río salado (Santamera).
• Interpretation of the forest, trail and footprints.
• Observation of birds, Fauna and Flora.
• Rural Romanesque routes.
• Castles route.
• Sigüenza and its Romanesque.
• Pueblos Negros (black towns).
• Climbing.
• Abseiling.
• Canoeing.
• Slacklining.
• Hiking
• Archery.
• Orientation.
• Cooperative and traditional games.
• Evening events.
• Entertainment.
• Storyteller.
• Introduction to drama.
• Artisan workshops.
• Food handling workshop.
• Relaxation workshop.
• Workshop of ointments.
• Recycling workshop.
• Music and dance workshop.
• Fantasy makeup workshop.

Interest in the area
Interest in the area
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