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Atienza (Guadalajara)GPS: 41.1974983215332, -2.8708999156951904
Culture, walks and salts

Located in the north highlands of Guadalajara, Atienza is a crossroad of important routes of its parts such as route of El Cid, Rural Romanesque, Don Quixote and other more specific ones of the region. This will delight both the occasional tourist and the hiker that stops off to explore the area and visit its various treasures. Despite history burying its origins in the Celtiberian necropolis of Altillo del Ceporro, it’s the later cultures which leave a permanent mark on its appearance and visitors’ memory.

The wall, which is a mix of constructive styles and materials, holds the story of its gates which nowadays are hardly preserved.  The castle from the 13th century stands out in the narrative thanks to its towers; the keep which is a viewing point of the landscape, and that of Islamic origin which is integrated into the wall and famous for being cited in “El cantar del Mio Cid” (The poem of my Cid).

Amongst the religious works, the apse of the monastery of San Francisco) in a Gothic style; it is the only thing left after the looting by the French. San Bartolomé, erected in the 13th century, has refurbishments and extensions from the 16th century on top of its Romanesque style. Santa María del Val, San Juan del Mercado, the church of Santísima Trinidad or Santa María del Rey, are some of the various examples that we will find.

The civil works unfold in the shape of architectural complexes such as the Plaza del Trigo square, a magnificent example of a Castilian square or the Plaza de España square with its triangular shape and the dolphin fountain from the 18th century. Amongst its most significant buildings we can find the Museums of Atienza. As if there weren’t reason enough, the town yields this one last teaser.

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