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San Jerónimo Chapel from the Concepcionistas Convent

Toledo (Toledo)GPS: 39.86280059814453, -4.02731990814209
A Sample of the Gregorian restoration

It has a dome covered with tiles, and interesting murals about the Mass of St. Gregory. According to the tradition, Christ appeared to St. Gregory, the future Pope, while giving mass, to explain to him that if the Masses for the dead monk of his congregation had been celebrated thirty days after his death, his soul would have already left the purgatory.

Therefore, there is a justification of this custom, instituted by Pope Saint Gregory, who organized the Christian liturgy in the 6th century. On the sides, we can appreciate the Annunciation of the Virgin. The paints are quite deteriorated due to the dry on plaster technique used.

Capilla de San Jerónimomas
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